Boost service quality,
increase customer satisfaction, drive down service costs

A whole new way to leverage ConnectWise to get rapid, up-to-date customer site documentation, knowledge base – and more, much more.

Stella is a knowledge management and collaboration solution – purpose-designed for IT managed services companies – and tightly integrated with ConnectWise. Stella provides engineers and service desk staff with instant online access to each customer’s full site documentation and knowledge base. Stella can be extended with organization specific documentation such as SOP's (standard operating procedures) as well. Stella includes sophisticated tools and many other features designed to increase service quality while reducing service costs.  

Third-party add-ons for Confluence are available to extend functionality further, like the Comala Workflows plugin adds customized workflows to create, review, approve and publish your content.

Knowledge Base

Browser-driven, collaboration-savvy knowledge base.

Developed by an MSP for MSPs, Stella’s Knowledge Base makes it fast and easy for service desk staff and engineers to not only create, share and maintain fully current site documentation, but also see the fully history of the customer site, including the latest articles, reviews and vendor information on each product and application in use.  Service Desk staff can quickly view and apply customer specific resolution and other key support processes. The Stella Knowledge Base allows rapid building of a dynamic library of intelligent processes based on the built in ability of Stella to ‘learn’ and make it easy to build automated processes based on past support requests.

Search client specific knowledge base

Client specific knowledge base article

Discuss tickets in context

Put important tickets in context on any page and discuss with the team. Details are linked with the ConnectWise ticket status and the ticket ID is a hyperlink to open the ticket in ConnectWise.

Re-use information (don't re-enter)

Compile your own VIP or emergency contact pages in Confluence based on ConnectWise contact information.

Details are linked with the ConnectWise contact record and the contact name is a hyperlink to open the contact in ConnectWise.

Show the customer agreements in place

List all agreements/SLAs from the ConnectWise company record in the clients space is Confluence. Of course you can manage access using the Confluence page permissions.

Create shortcuts to content

Add menus to the Confluence top navigation, to provide shortcuts or highlight content spaces.

Framework for MSPs
integrated with
ConnectWise configurations

Site Documentation

All site documentation and always up to date.

Keeping site documentation always up to date and always easily available to engineers, managers and service desk staff is now easy and intuitive. Stella’s site documentation architecture, editing and version control features, and integration with other Knowledge Base elements, all combine to deliver a site documentation environment which suits the needs of all users and ensures, through robust processes, that site documentation is quick and easy to create and reflects the current site requirements and service level agreements.

Create/update configurations and save back to ConnectWise

Combine multiple configuration types on one page


Import Visio files and edit your diagrams in the web browser

Store secure fields in encrypted form

 Access Control List for all data

 Compare page versions and browse the history

See all details in the 360º view

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