Case Study: Stella in action at CodeBlue

The rise of CodeBlue to become New Zealand’s most successful IT managed services company in the SME market is due in large part to superior customer acquisition and retention, driven by industry-leading customer satisfaction.

CodeBlue general manager Ian Funnell says one word summarises the key driver of CodeBlue’s market advantage: STELLA.

“Stella is fundamental to every step of our customer engagement,” Funnell says. “We use Stella right at the outset with new customer bids. The customer information and proposed managed services solution developed during the sales process carries forward into site documentation and knowledge management to manage customer services post implementation.”

Stella’s reporting and analysis features are fundamental to regular strategic reviews, Ian Funnell says. 

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Stella is the single most important tool we have in our business. It helps us win business. It helps us deliver services which are profitable for us, but also result in lower costs for the customer. The results speak for themselves: what we believe are the highest customer satisfaction and customer retention performance in our industry.”

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“I am using Stella with my sales guys. The customer information we gather as part of the sales process, including a systems review, feeds into the Knowledge Base which is then further expanded when the prospect becomes a customer. Stella makes it a seamless and continuous process – and a major point of difference for us in a competitive market.”

“It’s an intranet, a Knowledge Base and a whole lot’s the online business environment everyone at CodeBlue uses every day.”


- Ian Funnell, CodeBlue General Manager