Resource requirements

Minimum Requirements Stella Server
Dedicated Server Dedicate the server. Please don't run, store, or host anything else on this dedicated server.
Operating System Min. Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit or later (Small Business Server not supported)
Processor Min. 2 x Dual Core 2.50 GHz 6MB L2 Cache (or 4 virtual CPUs)
Memory 8GB
Disk space 80GB OS
100GB data drive
Dedicated IP The Stella server uses port 443; a dedicated IP will be needed and the firewall must allow inbound traffic.
Remote Access In order to setup and to receive ongoing support, a Windows Remote Desktop Connection must be available.
DNS Setup DNS resolution (internal and external) and agree on a DNS hostname matching the common name of the SSL certificate.
SSL Certificate The server must have a purchased SSL certificate placed on the desktop prior to installation. The certificate must be formated for Apache:
  • SSLCertificateFile
  • SSLCertificateKeyFile
  • SSLCertificateChainFile
Unfortunately a self-signed certificate will not work. Please provide a suitable certificate (or alternatively we will use
SQL Server
Version Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard, SQL Server 2012 Standard or SQL Server 2014 (Express Editions not supported)
SQL Install Location SQL Install and Data files should not be on boot drive, use e.g. 100GB data drive
SQL Backup Backup drive preferably not on same server
SQL access A static port must be configured, e.g. 1433
user account
A SQL user account (not a Windows account) is required.
Give this user full create, read and write permissions for the database tables.
Note that we must be able to create a schema.

Firewall configuration